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Why Bongamodels won’t accept my documents

 First of all,  on Bongamodels you should make a new account: click here to register correctly. After you have gone to the correct link and registered as a model, but are still having problems, follow these steps:

 Bongamodels Step One: Low Quality Picture

If your picture (for the ID verification process) is too low in quality, you are not going to get anywhere. This means that you should make sure that the quality of your camera is decent. You should also make sure that parts of you ID are not cut out of the picture and make sure that parts of the picture of you are good.

Your eyes should be open wide in your picture so that they can see the color of your eyes and match it to what your ID says.



Bongamodels Step Two: Be Over 18

If you are under the age of 18, you are going to get nowhere in this industry. Yes, this job is inappropriate for anyone younger than that age, and that means that you certainly should not be trying to get this kind of job. It does not matter how mature you are, if you have been emancipated, or anything like that, you are not old enough.

 Bongamodels Step Three: Be The Person On Your ID

This step pretty much says everything you need to know, but please stop wasting everyone’s time. If you are not the person on the ID, you are not going to get a job using that ID. Not only that, but if you did get a job using an ID that was not yours, you could get that platform (like Bongamodels) into A LOT of trouble, as while as end up in jail yourself.

Step Four: Be Nice To Support of Bongacams

If you are having troubles getting the site to accept your application it is alright to be angry, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be mean to support. Honestly, customer support does nothing but help you. That means that if you are having troubles with the verification process, you want to be nice to these people more than you have been nice to anyone else ever. Just remember to breathe deeply and consider the fact that any flaws you find in a platform are not the fault of that guy you are screaming at on the phone, but rather flaws of site design, or the creator of the site themselves.

Step Five: Keep Your ID Up To Date

It is very important that you always get your ID updated a month before it expires (so that you don’t put it off too long). If your ID is expired you may experience problems with getting verified, but you may also experience problems with many other things in life if you do not keep an up to date ID. That is why it is always important to take care of that part of your life. You are an adult, act like it, and take responsibility for your ID.

Step Six: Be Patient

The last step is the hardest step, be patient. I know you may be having troubles getting to earning that quick money, but that does not mean that you have to stress so much. So just relax, be patient, and remember that all good things happen in good time.


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