How To Be A Model of Boleyn Models Studio

Boleyn Models Studio

Boleyn Models Studio 

There are many cam girls out there who are afraid to go near any online studios for work. Of course, there is good reason behind their fear. The physical studios are able to provide models with a sense of security, access to high speed internet, equipment to use, and amazing areas to work in. The online studios like Boleyn Models Studio often say that they provide many benefits to their models, including advertisement and much needed training. However, they are most of the time not able to back up that claim, or they give very little in the way of training. A lot of them even come with contracts that make it hard for the cam girls to do their jobs, while still taking a large portion of the money that they make.

Companies similar to ICAMZ and InternetModelling are making it difficult for the good guys like Boleyn Models to make any headway. These companies take way to much money from the pay of the models, while giving them very little help or benefits in return. So, companies that legitimate have a hard go of it.

Benefits Of Working With Boleyn Models

With Boleyn Models there are no contracts that make it so that cam girls have to meet hourly minimums. Anyone can request their money whenever they want (Daily!). You don’t have to worry about reaching any sort of payout minimum if you are looking to cash out (Most sites require $50 or more as a min).

The staff behind the company is able to help you with any bank forms that you might need for verifying your income. They can also help with paperwork from the US government, US taxes, etc.ù

how to become a webcam model ?

They have bonuses that are specific to their site, and this includes their Streamate bonus that will double the pay of the models income earned on their lowest day. There is a higher payout percentage for the models who have more sites, and there is also one for those who are earning higher than a specific amount with different sites. The best part (in my opinion) is the pay advance loan feature.

Fees To Consider

Similar to any other studios that are found online, Boleyn Models does charge cam girls for the services that they provide. The company only takes a small percentage of what is earned, but they make up for it by actually providing services that are useful. The site does not make you pay anything for signing up, and there are no extra hidden fees for getting the training that you need or tech support. While there are online studios out there who would rip off a model in a heartbeat, this studio is not like that. They really do want to help out the webcam models, and they are great at training those in need. With all of the bonuses offered, the training offered, the bonuses, payday advance, daily payouts, And more, it is no wonder that everyone is signing up to be model with their company.




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