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What You Should Know About DMCA Protection & Takedown Services


Dmca protection

As a webcam model, one of the most important features the site you work on can provide is protection for your content. Your content is your product, it is uniquely yours and cannot be used by anyone, ever, without your permission. There are several ways that you can protect yourself from content thievery, and I will talk about one of the main ones shortly.

First, let’s talk about why it is so bad if somebody steals your content.

The most obvious reason is that if your content is stolen, it means that you are not getting paid for it. When someone steals your content and then uploads it to their own site, they can make money from your hard work. This can be either because they are showing ads on site they post your content on, or by charging for access to your content. Either way, it is still theft, and you are losing money because of it.

Do You Have DMCA Badge?

Have you ever seen sites that have a DMCA protection  Badge displayed on them? It is quite likely, because they are quite popular. The DMCA protection Badge shows your site visitors that your website is registered and protected. Often times, this badge alone is enough to stop would be content thieves at the door. Consider it similar to having a sticker on your house or a sign in your lawn with the name of the security company you use. It tells criminals that this property is under surveillance and being protected.
When you display a registered DMCA badge on your website, you get special tools and other benefits that will help yo takedown whichever website steals content from you.

dmca protection

Why Get A DMCA Protection Badge

It is easy to get a DMCA Badge to display on your site. Simply go to DMCA.com to register. With a registered badge and the tools it provides, your content will be much safer. It will also help protect your images from theft by automatically inserting a watermark and copyright info onto them.

Another great feature that DMCA registration provides in the ability to search for your content with the DMCA scanning tools they provide. These tools are not very expensive and will make you, and save you, a lot more money in the long run.

As you can see, it isn’t very difficult to protect your content, and it is just as easy to punish those who steal your content from you. Too often, cam girls become aware that their content is being used without their authorization. This is lost money, yet some of the cam models who are victims of content theft don’t realize that they actually can do something about it.
The first step is to take preventative action and start protecting yourself now.

Then, if somebody does steal your content, can rain on their parade and send a hail storm of legal issues and DMCA Takedown notices their way. Trust me, it’s worth it, and so is your content.



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