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How To Be A Bongacams Model


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Being an adult webcam model can make you a lot of money if you do it right. BongaCams is a popular choice for webcam models because it makes it easy to get started, and makes it easy to gain a following of dedicated fans. By creating a schedule for your broadcasts and sticking to it you can built quite a following.

To become a model at BongaCams, you need to be at least 18 years of age or older. You will need to complete the registration process and verify your ID and your age. This process must also be completed for everyone who will be appearing on camera in your broadcasts. BongaCam complies with the law, and so this verification process must be completed before you can begin broadcasting.

You will need to upload at least threes photographs of yourself, as well as complete your profile’s “About Me” section. You will also need to fill out your schedule so that your fans know when they can expect to see you on cam. Uploading a video or two is also a good idea, as a fuller profile will attract more viewers to your room.

What do you need to get started as a webcam model at BongaCams?

A Computer

It is recommended that you use a modern Windows computer when you broadcast. You should have enough RAM to run your operating system as well as play high quality video. If your computer can do that, then you can use it to broadcast. You can also use Mac and Linux computers.

Your Webcam

Your webcam is an important part of your setup. You should get an HD webcam that has a built in microphone. Try to get the highest quality webcam you can afford, because better quality cams make better quality shows and your viewers will appreciate it. This will get your more tips.

Your Internet Connection

You need high speed internet to run a successful cam show. You will need to get the fastest internet that you can afford to make the most money. Faster internet means better quality streaming, less interruptions and happier viewers.

Your Studio

Your studio is the place you will be running your show in. Many models use their bedrooms, while other dedicate a whole room as the studio. Whichever route you choose, make sure that your show will go uninterrupted. Just be sure to keep it neat and clean. This is a private, sexy studio that you will use to create your shows.

Does It Pay To Work As A Webcam Model For BongaCams?

How much each person can make depends on that specific person. With that being said, there are ways to maximize your earnings. Someone who just sits there waiting for tips isn’t going to make as much money as somebody who is chatting it up with their viewers, getting to know them and having a good time.

Models working with the BongaCams make from 4 to 6 cents per token. New girls start at the lowest, which 4 cents per token, but rising to 5 cent rate is fast and easy. To earn a goon at BongaCams every model must

  • Upload at least three pictures
  • Provide enough information “About Me” part.
  • Provide information in the schedule section
  • Upload a video or even more
  • Create a beautiful background
  • Have your unique font
  • Write up in the section titled”What We Do On Webcam”
About BongaCams Payout

Payouts on BongaCams come every week. There is a minimum payout amount of $50 that must be met in order to qualify for payouts. This shouldn’t be hard if you interact with your fans and keep a consistent schedule. Your money can be sent to you via checks, direct deposit and Paxum.

Which Services Can You Offer?

BongaCams is a platform that enables you to run adult webcam shows. How you run your show, and how you use your time in front of the camera is up to you, as long as it is legal and complies with BongaCam’s terms of service. You can run private shows, viewers can pay to spy on them (if you enable that feature).

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