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I’M Internet Modelling Review

Internet modeling :Making it in the webcam model industry is no easy feat. Not that the sites are not there but most of the available sites today are nothing but a scam. If you are even lucky to find one that is genuine, their terms of operations are likely to be complex and sometimes out of your favor. Internetmodeling.com is one of the trending webcam sites in the modeling industry. It is better if you read through the review that follows before choosing it over other similar sites.

Internetmodeling.com terms and conditions

internet modelling

In order to be a model at internetmodeling.com:

  1. You should be of legal age which is 18 years unless you are from where the Canadian nationality where the legal age is 19 years to be a member of internetmodeling.com. You must either submit a driving license, passport or national identity card as proof that you are of legal age.
  2. You have no option but to be attractive regardless of your gender.
  3. You must use quality resources such as the great webcam, microphone, laptop or modern laptop and high-speed internet connection are vital necessities for the site.

Pros of internet modeling

  1. Models start working as soon as their applications are approved and the approval comes directly through the mail you provided.
  2. Suitable for both experienced and new models since it provides the new models with many tools that they can use to ensure that they are earning some substantial cash.
  3. It has a large fan base of over 10 million clients per day which serves as an advantage to its models.
  4. com models enjoy 70% shares of their gross income paid weekly without any limitations. Also, the models get a 70% lifetime revenue share if they upload or record videos for sale which the site pays weekly.
  5. From each used panties or any other used items, the models are offered a 70% revenue.
  6. There are no chargebacks or deductions associated with the site even when the models conduct private chats with clients. Additionally, the site does not offer payroll or payout fees as you receive the exact amount you earn.
  7. The models get paid on time, so there is no need of worrying about delayed payments. Mainly the amount is sent to the models one week after they have earned the pay.
  8. Models not only earn for their work on the site but also for every referral they make. Therefore, once you have enrolled as a model, be sure to refer as many interested people as possible as this will earn you a commission and boost your income.
  9. For every earning above $500 made from internetmodeling.com primary webcam site, as a model, you stand a chance of enjoying a bonus of 30%.
  10. Freedom is guaranteed as there are no specific working hours or working locations. It all depends on your preference.

Cons of internet modeling

  1. Unfortunately, the site does not accept models from all over the globe. It is hence important that you check whether persons from your nationally qualify as models for internetmodeling.com before filling the model application form

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