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3 Best Lights For Cam Modeling And Cam Lighting Tips

Lighting is a significant necessity for cam models. If you are serious about your cam modeling career, am not expecting you to be depending on the natural lighting. Not that its bad but it is just not reliable and hence it can limit your duration of working. The best alternative for correct lighting is purchasing a webcam with automatic light correction but let’s be realistic; not everyone is able to afford such cameras as they are quite expensive. If you are one of the cam models struggling with the issue of lighting, here are the easy tips to keep your lighting perfect for your webcam modeling career.

1. Best Lights For Cam Modeling: best webcam lighting

Many times, cam models especially the beginners believe that single lighting is enough for their work. No one single lighting will not work for you, and neither would two lightings work well either. As a cam model, you need a total of three lights in order for your camera to deliver quality videos at any time of the day or the night. These three types of lights are the key light, fill light and the backlight. With these three sets of lights, you can trust that your videos are already killing it in the cam modeling market.

2. The Positioning Of Your Set Of Lights: best webcam lighting

best webcam lighting

Knowing that three types of light are required for quality cam videos is the first step to improving your lighting. This is because without understanding where to place each the lighting, then the three lights will not help out. The key light otherwise known as the main light is the main light as the name suggest. It should be laced in front as well as diagonal to your sitting position. It should also be intense enough.

The next light which is the fill light or secondary should be placed opposite to the main light. Its main role is to fill the shadow created by the main light. The last light which is the backlight as the name suggests should be situated at your back to give more definition. It should, however, be of low intensity. Below is a perfect illustration of how the setup of the lighting should be thus quality videos.

3. Precaution For Cam Lighting

If the three lights are not placed in their required positions, you will still face problems with lighting. Therefore, consider buying the three sets of lights and doing regular practices on how to position each light. At first, setting up the lights may be a bit challenging, but if you have a room, you can do the setup once if not, regular practices and passion for your career will burn down the boredom. It is however not mandatory for you to buy the studio lights if you do not have enough cash. You can begin by using normal bulb light but ensure the watts of the key light are a bit higher than the rest and the backlight bulb watts are lower than the other two before you upgrade to the quality studio lights.

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